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A professional health functional food OEM/ODM company providing the best quality products

SLS Co., Ltd is a professional health functional food OEM/ODM company having developed steadily since its establishment in 2000.

SLS Co., Ltd is equipped with clean manufacturing facilities and various packaging machines to produce health functional food and functional raw material in a pleasant industrial complex in Pyeongtaek in Gyeonggi-do, distribution key hub. It has been manufacturing various products with an outstanding workforces possessing great experience and expert knowledge.

Providing the best-quality products to customers with thorough quality control, we currently have signed OEM/ODM contracts with leading pharmaceutical companies and food companies to supply health functional food, various confectionary, functional raw material, and export large amounts of health functional foods to Southeast Asia.

SLS Co., Ltd is boosting the processing of raw materials by increasing R&D manpower, and based on this, we will be reborn as a global health functional food company recognized worldwide.