Research center


We aim to become the global No. 1 in manufacturing differentiated health functional foods!


SLS Co., Ltd. offers the best services to client companies based on its high technology and excellent quality!

Discovering and securing raw material of customized health functional food with Open Innovation (Connect & Development)

  • Securing exclusive raw material through industry-academia cooperation research
  • Securing raw material in advance through collaboration with global suppliers and research startups

Research on discovering and exploring functional material
(review internal and external material technology/review documents and patent)

Planning future strategies and investigating the trends related to internal and external health functional foods

Planning and developing new products that are differentiated and marketable (including customized health functional foods)

SLS Co., Ltd develops health functional foods by using various functional materials derived from natural products.

The research center actively promotes joint research with industries, university research institutes, and government-funded research centers to secure material and pursue commercialization through anopen innovation developing strategy.